Is Pianoforall The Best "Piano for Dummies" Online Program?


Pianoforall - it is the easiest way for any child or adult to learn how to play the piano. Unlike a traditional setup, the product uses a number of fun approaches to help you understand how to make the piano an extension of you. By the end of the course, you should be well on your way to becoming the next Beethoven. It is set up in a logical manner that eliminates the main reasons why most people have a hard time learning piano. Best of all, you get to practice at your own convenience with no tight schedule to keep.

Start With the Easy things

Many popular piano tunes seem quite easy to learn.  However, most people have a hard time learning how to compose these tunes.  The traditional mediums for learning piano seem to have been crafted only for the gifted to understand.  This course demystifies all the complex terms used in traditional lessons and breaks them down into simple bits. With Pianoforall, you can go over each section as many times as you would like until you feel comfortable. The course takes you through popular songs that you enjoy listening.  It then shows you how to produce these songs perfectly on your piano. Learning to reproduce something that you love can have a great degree of satisfaction. The piano will feel like an extension of your body by the time you are done.

What You Should Expect in the Course

The course covers many styles of playing. Quickly become an expert in one distinct style or broaden your horizons into other lesser known forms in a few short weeks.  Formatted as an eBook, the course features video and audio files that anyone could use.  In short, it utilizes all the different communication mediums to offer an immersive experience. Each audio or video file is inserted at a particular instance of the course.  Simply pause the lesson at any time to give yourself time to digest with better clarity.  The videos are quite awesome and are of a high quality.

If you want, you could get the entire course on a CD-ROM.  The CD-ROM is a great option if you wish to spend the least amount of time downloading the entire course.  Those looking to get a head start can also download a few eBooks while you wait for the CD-ROM to arrive.

The eBook is quite awesome; it is nicely prepared in simple English that makes the learning process easy. It is crafted in a manner that even a young child can read and start learning. Many diagrams are contained within the eBooks. Each point is explained with a simple diagram illustrating the correct finger placement over a piano. In order to make the process of learning much easier; colored dots are used to accompany the piano diagrams.  Simply follow along with the video and soon you will have all the correct finger placements memorized. Within a few days of being in the course, you will find that you can play a bit of good piano. It is just a matter of practicing and honing your skills.

The Pianoforall product is not just about how to play the piano.  The eBook teaches you how to stay focused.  It is practical advice that you could also apply in other aspects of your life.  A piano for dummies manual teaches you how to visualize music.  Playing music is transformed from a mystifying experience into simple mathematical equations.  When you know the basics, the rest is a matter of building up more complex notes and combining them to create a beautiful harmony. Video and audio included in this piano for dummies program are of the highest quality anywhere on the internet.

How do you know if The Course is Right for You?

The first question into understanding if you need the course is to ask yourself a simple question; “is piano easy to learn for me?” If you answer no, you definitely need the course.  Secondly, if you are unable to set time apart for your piano lessons, you need this course.  In this busy world, creating an hour or two every two or three days a week may not be practical.  At times, your schedule may be so hectic that you have neglect practicing piano as often as you should.  If you have tried other courses in the past with no success, this is the course for you.  The problem with most other courses is that experts in the industry do not prepare them.  Some people have read a few books, and think they are experts qualified to create their own.  Mr. Hall shows you quality videos of him hitting the keys with precision during the course.  You do not have to wonder if you are doing it right. Just do what he does.

If you are not a fan of learning about the theoretical aspect of piano, this course suits you.  Most piano courses tend to focus too much on the theory.  In fact, some courses delve deeply into the origins of the piano and how the mathematics was all created.  It can be quite boring, and most people usually give up after a few hours perusing all the jargon and complex formulas.  Pianoforall cuts out the jargon and gets to the point.  It is an awesome course if you have little time on your hands.


You can tell that Mr. Hall took his time in creating this program. It's rare to see a piano teacher utilize his own time and resources to come up with something that makes piano lesson accessible to all.  It's obvious that this project was created out of pure passion. It shows in the high ratings the program has on a number of platforms.  The program has also received a lot of positive feedback.  People who have spent years trying to learn piano appreciate his effort.  It does not take them years to get a grasp of good piano skills. Since the program is broken down into so many segments, it allows you to concentrate on areas that you have a huge weakness. With over 200 videos, you will certainly find one that deals with your area of weakness.

Robin Hall

Piano Teacher

About the Creator

The man behind this program is a piano teacher. So be assured that he has designed it with insight from all the students he has taught how to play the piano. It is piano easy to learn from a real expert. Whatever challenges you may think you have in understanding the piano, Robin Hall has dealt with all of them. Even the way videos are prepared makes you believe that this man has experience instructing even young kids on how to become piano pros. In addition, he has a number of awesome cartoon illustrations. It is shown in the way the pictures used in the eBooks are so clear and concise. His artwork even makes it into this awesome course.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I’m amazed! Once you get the rhythms down, you really can sound like a pro! Great fun! Thanks for making this available at such a reasonable price. Anyone who doesn’t grab this up is going to go the long way home!

T. Dwight Kidd, Alabama, USA

John Doe UI/UX Designer

This course is exactly what I have been looking for with all the shortcuts that have been such a mystery to me for years. Well done Robin an excellent product. Kind regards. Paul”

Paul Saxon , UK