It sounds like you’re looking for a balanced acoustic guitar.

The balanced acoustic is incredibly versatile and works for almost anything. Typically the construction includes multiple woods to combine the best attributes of each wood.

We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite guitars to get you started including a couple with electronics built-in.

Martin DX1AE

The new line from Martin includes a back and sides of HPL (high pressure laminate) which is a composite of recycled wood, and the top is solid sitka. The woods used to build the DX1 are not your traditional high quality woods, but Martin has made a great sounding balanced guitar at a much cheaper price point. This is a great starter guitar or guitar for someone who wants a lot of versatility.

  • Back and Sides: Mahogany HPL
  • Top: Solid Sitka Spruce
  • Neck: Stratabond Laminate
  • Fretboard: Richlight
  • Electronics: Fishman

Martin D15M

Created using solid mahogany throughout the guitar to create an incredibly balanced tone. Based as a blend between old and new school Martin designs.

  • Back and Sides: Solid Mahogany
  • Top: Solid Mahogany
  • Neck: Solid Mahogany
  • Fretboard: Rosewood

Taylor 110e

The 110 offers great volume and versatile tone that most have come to know from there 200 series but at a much easier price point.

  • Back and Sides: Sapele
  • Top: Solid Sitka
  • Neck: Sapele
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Electronics: Fishman

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