No Good by Kaleo

From their debut album “A/B” which released just this July, “No Good” is the kickoff song and it does a great job setting the tone for the whole album. This Icelandic blues group has launched a stellar album and their song “Way Down We Go” has been playing on radios everywhere. “No Good” has that simple but driving melody with a drum that I can’t NOT tap my foot to, or just kinda nod my head to the rhythm in the office. To be honest the album itself has quickly climbed to one of my favorites for being able to just plug it in and listen straight through.

Dance Me A Number by The Steepwater Band

Off their album “Revelation Sunday” the song has a classic southern blues-rock from this trio (side note their newest album included the addition of a new guitarist bringing the band to 4 members). Listening to this song makes me think of a rock concert outside in some rural southern town in the summer, drinking from a SOLO cup and enjoying the night.

Death Letter Jubilee by The Delta Saints

The Delta Saints is a fantastic high energy delta-blues band. “Death Letter Jubilee” even includes a breakdown in the song with a New Orleans style street band sound. It’s a technical and incredibly catchy song. Hand me my resonator, give me some whiskey, pop me on an airboat in the bayou and I’m there!

Into The Sun by The Parlor Mob

From their album “Dogs” which released in 2011 The Parlor Mob is a great melding between classic rock styling with some modern flourishes. The band rose from adversity twice, when their band (initially called What About Frank) fell apart, and then when their on-staff supporters were laid off in the merger between Virgin and Capital records. Into The Sun will rev you up and get you feeling ready to take on the world. The play between the bass and guitars has a great drive which makes this song fantastic for driving.

Mountain Men by Crash Kings

Who said you had to have a guitarist to make a great rock group? Well no one told these guys, and I’m glad they didn’t because it works. From their debut self titled album “Crash Kings” the group doesn’t lack for soulful sound, high energy, or great tunes. “Mountain Men” is a great example because the first time I listened to the song I didn’t even notice a lack of a guitar. I also had to focus not to try and sing along to this tune in the office (important note, I don’t have a private office.)

The Siren by Graveyard

From their album “Hisingen Blues,” “The Siren” sounds like a blend of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, which is all too welcome to me (Deep Sabbath?) It’s a slower starting tune but plenty of energy and grit to tap your toes and bob your head. Sadly as of September 2016 the band announced their breakup. Solace is found in that they put out 4 great albums before they dissolved.

Wild And Wasted Waters by Kill it Kid

From their album “Feet Fall Heavy” the band Kill it Kid draws from their inspiration of bands like the White Stripes and the Black Keys but infuse some of their delta influences. “Wild And Wasted Waters” is a great nod to what they can do in the blues genre with the intro incorporating what sounds like a Robert Johnson character to kick off the song.