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Reviewing The Best Taylor Guitars in 2019 Available In The Market

So you know you want to get your next musical instrument from Taylor Guitars, but which product do you choose?This is a guitar manufacturer that has been around for a long, long time, and they have been making amazing products throughout all those years. It can be...

Suhr Guitars Vs Fender Guitars Including Features And Qualities

Trying to make the decision between a Suhr guitar and one from Fender? You aren’t alone, and there is so much to consider with both brands. Both companies make incredibly high quality guitars that sounds amazing.They also both have many positive attributes, as well as...

Buying the Best Guitar Strings – What You Need to Know

In the market for new guitar strings? If you are an avid, practicing guitar player, you are probably in this position pretty frequently. With guitars, the strings do of course need to be changed regularly. This means you will have to seek them out and purchase them on...

Seagull Guitars S6 Original Review

Musicians everywhere rave about the Seagull S6 Original when they start talking about guitars, but it’s with good reason. Coming from Canada, this guitar is handmade and is extremely well-built. It is easily worth the investment you’d be making when deciding to...

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