Find the Best Synthesizer to Take Your Beats to the Next Level

For all the music producers and aspiring music producers out there, getting a synthesizer (or two, or more) is an incredible investment. With so many to choose from, it can be a nightmare figuring out the best one for you. We’ll go over the best synthesizers for...

Sennheiser HD1 Review: Quality That Sounds Like Music To Your Ears

Image via pexels Imagine being able to listen to your music on your way to work without hearing the outside world. Most importantly, wouldn't it be lovely to be immersed in your private bubble of high fidelity? Since you're seeking out a Sennheiser HD1 Review, chances...

What Does a Music Producer Do? Understanding Their Role in Creating Your Favorite Songs

Are you interested in a career in music production? If you have already taken the initiative and poked your head into the countless resources on the Internet regarding this career and feel dazed, daunted, and confused, you are not alone. That is how most of us feel as...

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Why Classical Guitar Is Best

Why Classical Guitar Is Best

Are you thinking about learning to play the guitar? Maybe you’re just thinking about purchasing a new guitar to add to your collection. Chances are, either way, that you’re interested in learning about classical guitar and why it might be an excellent choice for you...

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Yamaha P115 Review: 88 Keys Of Portable Perfection

The piano was once considered the king of instruments. Its commanding voice, stately presence, and high versatility made it the favored instrument for composition. Many innovations in technology separate us from the time of Mozart, and the piano has grown with them....

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