Why I Use Guitar Tricks (And Maybe You Should Too)

My Review of Guitar Tricks after 30 Days
  • Usefulness for Beginners 100%
  • Usefulness for Intermediate Players 80%
  • Usefulness for Advanced Players 70%
  • Price Compared to Industry Average 100%
  • Customer Support 90%
Guitar Tricks really began the online guitar lessons that fill the internet today. They started their journey in 1998 and constantly grown to be a comprehensive website and one stop solution for beginners, intermediate and expert guitar players. They have extended their knowledge and teaching to anyone who wants to learn guitar or brush up on their skills. You can even try their Android and iOS apps to learn guitars. So I signed up last month to try out there program to tell you what’s what.

Main Features of Guitar Tricks

Guitar lessons and guitar tricks were never this easy to start learning before. Guitar tricks by far have been proved as the best and easy resource for anyone to learn playing. Today, in our Guitar Tricks review we will see how it actually in competition to other YouTube and established teaching resources.

Getting Started

One nice factor is that before you get started they take some time to get to know your level as a guitarist. Asking you how confident you feel about your skills in certain areas, and which style of guitar you are most interested in learning. There were roughly 12 questions and very simple. Gave me the feeling they actually wanted to show me the most relevant and useful information for my growth.

In Depth Lessons for Everyone

Since its inception, Guitar Tricks has kept on adding lesson plans, songs, videos to create a vast library of resources for beginner to guitar expert. It has collected over 11,000 lessons and more than 600 songs which are available 24/7.  From the home page is the option to follow through their “Core Learning System” which goes over everything from the fundamentals and then into specific genres.
The core learning system is great for beginners while seasoned players can develop their skills further with the lessons. There are quizzes and practice songs to play with which contain hits from Beatles, Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Van Halen and many others.
The number of songs on Guitar Tricks is twice more than its nearest competitor. You also get over 45 master guitar instructors to help you directly with your learning on specific genres and styles. They even include a great section on mastering techniques guitarists want to learn (like mastering the hammer-pull, alternate picking, and slapping.)

Simple User Interface

Many reviews miss out one of the most important aspect of online guitar lessons is their ease of use. It is tough for beginners to know what to do once they sign up for a guitar teaching plan. The interface is simple enough for first timers to navigate and access step by step instructions. Not to mention after taking their intro survey they give you some clear advice on how you can progress through their program and get A LOT out of their system (or you can ignore it and go exploring on your own.)

The menus and options are straight forwards and teach you everything from basic chords, fingerpicking, fingerstyle, picking, rhythm, slide, strumming and everything a beginner needs to learn. You can progress slowly to improve your skills and learn the next step. The videos also play fast and you can loop them for better learning. You also get several angles to pick out hand movements accurately. I really enjoyed their “toolbox” section that included a great jam sessions tool that put down a simple background track for you to practice your lead guitar against it.


· You can learn from over 11,000 lessons, 600 songs and 45 world class trainers
· Most affordable program with 14 day free trial and money back program
· Quick customer assistance and help
· Comprehensive lesson plan with elementary course, practice songs, artist studies and various lesson plans to upgrade your skills
· Step by step learning program for beginners
· Detailed and clear explanation from masters of guitar from over the world


· Though Guitar Tricks contains the most practice songs in the industry, still it is slow to add new songs.
· You have to manually cancel the 14 day trial by going to your membership page. It is an easy and simple process.
· It may be a bit confusing for a beginner if he begins to explore all the options and lessons all at once. It is advisable to proceed through the step by step learning program.


The site also has a vast and active forum with questions and discussions going on everything from music theory to technique advice and song-writing and music production tips.

What Can You Expect?

So here is a free video they offer you can watch to get a better idea of the tutorial videos. This particular one is an artist study on how to play like Eddie Van Halen.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial