Ever wished you’d done more with music?

“I wish I could make my own music. But I don’t have the equipment… or the training… or the knowledge of how to get my music out there.”

What if you could?

Imagine writing your own songs. Not only that, but having the network to distribute it to people who can appreciate it. Then imagine you could find your next show.

Welcome to Buzz Harmony!

Our goal is to help you get that buzz going about your music and help you from start to finish to pursue that musical dream.

Get the Goodsshutterstock_372294550

We’re putting together a resource of our recommended equipment that you can check out.

Improve your Skills

We’ve compiled a list of several online resources you can use to help improve those skills, or learn the new instruments you’ve always wished you could play.

Or if you want that face to face interaction with a mentor. We’re putting together a database of music instructors around the country to help you hone your skills.

Create your Sound

Use the programs we’ve located that can help you produce your music and find that right sound for you.

Spread the Word

The hardest part is getting your music in front of enough people. We’ve partnered with several companies who help do just that. Get your music on Spotify, up on iTunes, played on Pandora here. Not to mention we’ve got our own Youtube Channel for our users to promote each other.

Find and Book the Gigshutterstock_214402045

We’re building up a place for everyone to put the word out for bands. Need a band for an event? You’ll post it here.