When music started shifting from analog to digital, many scoffers predicted its quick demise. That was more than 50 years ago, depending on what you define digital music as. Remember barrel organs? That can actually be defined as digital music too, and that goes as far back as the 15th century. But when it comes to digital music as we know it today, it can probably link its birth to the creation of MIDI and digital sequencers in the early 1970’s.

Today, the story of digital music is different. Digital has taken over. Any instrument can be played or processed digitally, and that from a simple computer or even smart device. One such device that can be played digitally is the guitar – that classic instrument nearly as old as history itself has transcended the realms of analog and is thriving in digital realms. And today, to get the best out of your digital guitar, you need good tools – tools, or apps like the IK Multimedia Amplitube.

IK Multimedia Amplitube – A Guitar Simulator Like No Other

The IK Multimedia Amplitude is one of the best guitar simulators you will find on the market. You could actually just call it the “IK Multimedia Guitar” because it is a guitar with a lot of guitar styles and types for you to choose from.

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And the cool thing is that you can take it for a free spin – yes they have a free version. As with everything free, it comes limited, but with enough firepower to get you cranking out great guitar chords.

One of its biggest selling points is that it is licensed to give you free use of trademarked sounds of guitar greats such as Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, and a host of others. So, besides creating tunes that sound as awesome as those of Jimi Hendrix (which is enough reason on its own to get the IK Multimedia Amplitube), what else is good about the AmpliTube plugin? Let’s explore a few below.

The IK Multimedia Amplitube and Fender – Taking Your Guitar Skills to a Whole New Level

When it comes to amps, guitars, and basically anything to do with music, few can compare to Fender. Having been in the music industry since 1946, Fender have become a very strong voice in the music processing industry. They are practically the masters of music effects. And that is why it is a big deal that IK Multimedia teamed up with Fender to give you access to sounds that would have been way out of your reach.

The IK Multimedia Amplitube and Fender are truly here to help you take your guitar skills to the next level.

If owning a collection of Fender dream machines is a dream of yours (C’mon, let’s be honest with each other here, who doesn’t dream about that?) then the IK Multimedia Amplitude is your dream come true. Their “Fender Collection” is the “only official guitar/bass Amp and FX collection for AmpliTube made by IK Multimedia and legendary music icon Fender Musical Instruments Corporation”. In simple terms, there are other guitar simulators out there claiming to be the best, ignore them – the IK Multimedia Amplitube/Fender collaboration is second to none. You get the best guitar sounds the world has ever heard all in one spot, giving you the power to create the next great sound.

Easy to Control Stomp Pedals and an Amplifier – What More Can a Guitarist Want?

The IK Multimedia Amplitube comes packed with 4 stomp pedals and an amplifier to give you more control over your guitar’s voice or output. In other words, you control exactly how your guitar will sound – and that in a very simple way. Say goodbye to a cluttered workstation where you would even get confused as to which pedal was where – with the AmpliTube plugin, it’s all in one easy to use place. As for the arrangement of those pedals, it has never been easier. An intuitive drop-down menu easily allows you to rearrange the pedals in any way you wish.

As for the amp, it works like the real deal too – really. Like a real amp, all it takes are small tweaks of the tones, gain and volume controls, reverb levels, and you’ll see (or hear) amazing changes to your sound – exactly the same as in a real amp.

The Ik Multimedia AmpliTube – The Revolution Continues

It’s been a while since IK Multimedia released a new product, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been sleeping – not at all. You see, when you create a product that is difficult to beat, it becomes hard for you as the creator to outdo it too. And, in my opinion, that is why there has been such a long lull. And their latest release, the IK Multimedia AmpliTube 4 definitely proves it – another stellar plugin.

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