Everyone knows just how difficult it is to record a drum kit. Not your average clanging and bashing, a real professional sound. What, you thought it was easy? Some studio sessions can last as a whole day just recording drums. Frankly speaking, if you’re serious about making music (and making money with it too), then time can be a great asset you’d rather not waste.

You need a tailored professional drum kit recording, and you can have it right in your home studio. It’s called the Steven Slate Drum Kit – and it’s an awesome time and money saver.

Introducing the Steven Slate Drum Kit

I know I’ve already said but let me emphasize it again – getting the perfect drum sound is no easy feat. And if you’re running a home studio, it could be next to impossible. From the tuning to space issues to the perfect drum player to the multiple mics needed (sometimes per drum), everything is against you. And this is why you need Steven Slate. He is an excellent drummer but what I meant is that you need the Steven Slate Drum Kit. It’s as good as having a session or a hundred with him.

steven slate drum kit

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Loaded with 100 kits for you to choose from, the possibilities of your overall drum sound is infinite. Yeah, I know, many people think drumming software is no good at all, but that’s because they haven’t encountered a great drumming software like the SSDK, as the Steven Slate Drum kit is affectionately known by its legion of fans – yes legions.

 Steven Slate Drums – Good Drum Kit Or Just a Lot of Drama?

Although Steven Slate drum samples are known more for rock, especially in the previous versions, this time the story is very different. The 100 kits that come with the Steven Slate drums cover every music genre you can think of or try to dabble in, and if you’re not satisfied with what the library contains, you can easily build your own from the ground up using a drag and drop interface. It’s that simple, and that definitely is no drama. And depending on how you prefer to work, you can choose to view the drums either as a drum kit or a series of cells, but whichever way you choose, it’s still just drag and drop.

As for the sound quality itself? It’s so good, crisp, clear, and, well anything you’d look for in a drum kit. With a massive tonal range, this drum kit allows you to create awesome drum tracks to accompany any hit song. So good in fact that you can easily recreate the sounds of your favorite drummer, record it, and send it off to your local radio station to play – right off the bat. If you want to tweak the sounds, the Steven Slate drum kit works well in any DAW and with any MIDI keyboard you fancy. This is a digital drum kit par excellence.

Editing Made Easy – The Steven Slate Way

I’m sure as a player in the music field, you know all too well the painstaking labor involved in editing a single track, not sure when working with Steven Slater drum samples or your own user samples. Once you’ve selected your kit you can fine-tune it on the “edit instrument” page where you will find the volume and pitch controls.

When working with a complex drum (snare anyone) you can adjust the volume of each element individually on the same edit instrument page. You can also change the trigger note for each element here.

When you select a kit piece you then have to choose which microphone set you will be editing. And just as in a professional studio, your cymbals have 2 mic sets – overheads and room. Every other kit piece has 3 mic sets – direct, overhead and room. Everything facet of editing is as a breeze, whether it’s routing, choosing MIDI maps, customizing velocity and dynamic curves for each drum, and anything else you can think of doing.

Creating and editing drum tracks has never been easier, that is why even the professional studios are turning to Steven Slate’s drum plugin.

What are You Waiting For? Get Your Steven Slate Drums Download Now!

I know that sounds a bit forceful but sometimes that’s the only way to help. There is no need for you to waste time, money, and energy when professionals like Steven have already done it for you. So what are you waiting for? Steven Slate Drums’ custom sound will transform the way you do music.

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