Musicians everywhere rave about the Seagull S6 Original when they start talking about guitars, but it’s with good reason.

Coming from Canada, this guitar is handmade and is extremely well-built.

It is easily worth the investment you’d be making when deciding to purchase one.

You’ll be happy to know that when it comes to Seagull guitars, the S6 original is a high-quality instrument for a price tag that is easier on your wallet.

The cherry wood back and the blended mahogany and rosewood would make you proud to carry this instrument. Take the time to get to know more about the Seagull S6, and you won’t be disappointed.

Seagull Guitars S6
Pros & Cons


  •  Guitar sounds absolutely amazing
  • Sounds like a very high end
  • Nicely padded 
  • Guitar is of superior quality
  • Easier to play


  • Some customers prefer glossy finishes for the sake of finish protection

Seagull Guitars S6

Some Background on Seagull Guitars

Seagull guitars first hit the market in 1982 as part of a larger company by the name of Godin Guitars. They were established in Canada and have been there ever since.

Seagull has been manufacturing these types of guitars for decades, but the S6 is the first that reflects the older design with newer construction techniques.

If you’ve ever researched the best acoustic guitars, you’re going to come across Seagull guitars as well as the Godin name. They are highly respected within the music industry.

How the S6 Original is Constructed

Seagull guitars do not disappoint with the S6 Original. You can see and hear the quality upon hearing the first strum. When you know more about how the guitar is constructed, you can appreciate the lengths Seagull has gone to produce a quality instrument.

With Canadian wild cherry wood as the back and sides, you know that the guitar will age well. Add the cedar top and the tone qualities can only get better as the guitar gets older. The cedar is pressure-tested, and all faces are finished with a light lacquer finish that gives it a semi-gloss look.

It’s important to note the attention that the guitar face receives on the S6 because most musicians will agree that the face is going to make or break the tone of your guitar. Because the top is a solid piece of cedar wood, it makes a difference in the way the guitar sound when you play.

In fact, most guitars that are in the same style the S6 is constructed tend to have tops made of spruce wood as opposed to cedar wood. This is significant because cedar has such a different sound when compared to spruce, not to mention cedar ages differently, too.

If you were to pick up a Seagull guitar, you’ll also realize that the neck is also thicker than usual. Those with smaller hands will notice that their hands do not wrap all the way around the neck like they would in other acoustic guitars.

There’s a reason for the design of the neck compared to the headstock. It is designed to make tuning the instrument easier and to have it last longer than you’re used to for a string instrument.

The Sound of the S6 Original

The sound of the S6 Original is comparable to other acoustic guitars that demand a price tag that is quite a bit more than what you can expect to pay for this one.

The body is designed to allow for maximum resonance and a sustained sound that reflects the musical quality.

When brand new, Seagull guitars can sound bright, but over time, the sound changes and becomes richer and fuller.

The saddle and the nut are also key parts of the guitar that will help in determining the overall sound that you can expect from your S6 Original.

Seagull guitars have what is called a Compensated Tusq, which is designed to improve the sound on certain strings.

This enhancement results in a fuller sound.

The Action and Feel of Seagull Guitars

Given the price range of Seagull guitars, you’re usually hard-pressed to find guitars that have a sound and feel better than expected.

With the S6 Original, you will get the feeling that you’re playing on a high-end, quality instrument.

This makes the S6 a fantastic option for beginners, too.

If you wanted the ability to attach an electronic amplifier to your S6, there is an option for that. In fact, there is the electronic acoustic that comes with a Quantum 1. It will give you the versatility or making the acoustic fun to play both attached and unattached to an amplifier.

Do keep in mind, though, that the electronic version is considerably more expensive than the original S6 that does not have electronic components.

You’ll also find that there are nuts on your fretboard that position the strings at different heights. This makes playing the guitar easier, too, because you don’t have to concern yourself with either the action or the thickness of the strings you’re using.

Seagull S6 Original Guitar Specifications

We’ve discussed the Seagull S6 Original guitar with you, but here’s a quick list of all of the specifications that you really need to know.

  • Canadian wild cherry backs and sides
  • Pressure-tested solid cedar top
  • Semi-gloss lacquer finish
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Pearloid inlays
  • Full body with set neck
  • Available in an electronic acoustic version

Knowing that the wood is better than your average choice is enough to make you consider purchasing a Seagull S6 Original. The quality is just there and entirely unquestionable.

There are so many people that would agree with you, so you might want to go through and read a few reviews to see exactly what they think.

Real Reviews from Real People

The worst thing about reading online reviews is wondering whether or not the information is backed by real experience.

Rest assured that you’ll find an abundance of positive reviews from people across the globe.

Mered left a review about the S6 Original stating that the guitar is excellent. “I’ve been playing Fender as my entry-level guitar, and wanted to upgrade without breaking the bank. I’m spending some time playing this guitar before I return it, just to see how I like it. It has great tone, and I found the slightly wider nut much easier to fret.

It is slightly smaller than the Fender dreadnought, but that was a very pleasant surprise. While I didn’t have any issues with the size of the Fender, I found the Seagull much more comfortable to play. Excellent quality, great sound, and NOT made in China.”

Another positive review comes from Travis Clifford. “This guitar sounds absolutely amazing. Before purchasing I read many reviews here and in other locations and all were positive and so many said that it sounds like a very high end and much more expensive guitar. That is so true! This guitar is so “alive” with sound. You really will believe that you are playing a $1,000.00 plus guitar. I am completely sold on Seagull guitars and couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase.

Delivery wa also very quick and the bag that it comes with is very nice. It’s not a hard case but it’s much better than the bags that most aguitars come with and should provide adequate protection. It’s nicely padded and has a padded Velcro strap that goes around the neck to secure the guitar within the case. The strings that come with it seem nice, too.”

If you were to check out the S6 Original on Amazon, you’ll see that there is nothing below 4-star ratings for this guitar. In fact, Road King left a few things saying that, “All I can say is WOW. This mid-range priced acoustic is a joy to play and the tone is rich and beautiful. Easily sounds and looks like a guitar of a much higher price. I like that it is made in Canada with regional hardwoods.

The defined grain especially on the sides and back is beautiful. The action was great out of the box and once I made some minor tuning adjustments the S6 has pretty much stayed locked in. I showed my new S6 to a friend that is a serious collector and he immediately ordered his own S6. He loved everything about it. He has a number of Martins and commented that this Seagull was as good as those when it came to easy of play and rich tonal quality.

Among other guitars I have had is a Gibson that I bought in 1967. The S6 has better tone, is easier to play, and looks better than my cherished old Gibson acoustic.” Road King went on to say that the guitar is of superior quality, especially for the price.

Seagull’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

You’ll be happy to know that Seagull has a limited lifetime warranty that will cover your guitar where material defects and workmanship are concerned. The coverage applies to the entire lifespan of your guitar.

Should it be determined that the work needs to be done on your guitar, you’ll need to have proof of purchase and it has to go back to the original Seagull dealer.

At that point, the dealer will check to guitar to see if repair can be done on-site or if it needs to be returned back to the factory to be completed.

You do need to know that you cannot do any work on it yourself or with an unauthorized repair place. If you were to undergo repairs anywhere other than an authorized dealer, you’re going to void the warranty.

Also, be aware that you’ll have to pay for any shipping that will be needed if you end up having to return it to the factory.

It is recommended that you register your instrument when you receive it, but it is not required as long as you have proof of purchase by way of a sales receipt. The warranty is only enacted if you purchase the guitar from an authorized dealer.

In other words, if you happen to find a Seagull guitar at some place like a pawn shop or purchase it from a seller on eBay, you’re not likely to be covered by the warranty.

The Final Verdict

The Seagull S6 original is a fantastic guitar. If you decide to purchase one, you’re going to join the ranks of hundreds if not thousands of happy customers.

Wood used in this particular guitar is better than the average wood that you’d find, and the tonality is excellent.

It’s no surprise that the S6 is highly respected and regarded as being one of the best acoustinc guitars on the market.

It’s also a guitar for many different playing abilities.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the guitar world and this is your first one. You could just as well be as experienced as John Mayer – you’re still going to love this guitar.

The price combined with construction and sound will give you a solid guitar that you’ll enjoy playing time and time again.







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