Every industry has a favorite tool that appeals to the masses. And that appeal is usually a result of 2 things – simplicity of use and good looks. When it comes to digital audio workstations, Fruity Loops’ FL Studio is that favorite tool.

As one of the world’s most downloaded digital audio workstations, FL has risen from being an underdog to play in the big dog’s ring –  and that very well. And though it’s still just a Windows-only platform, that hasn’t stopped its popularity. Oh, and for the Mac users, a beta version is being tested right now.

What Exactly is the Fruity Loops FL Studio?

Image-Line’s FL Studio was born Fruity Loops, but because of trademark issues (with a cereal company) over the name, Fruity Loops had to be re-christened as FL Studios. Available in 3 different editions – the Fruity Loops Signature edition, the Producer edition, and the Fruity edition which is the base edition.  There is also an All Plugins Bundle that has instruments and effects the other editions don’t have. A free demo version is also available to give you a taste of what you’re missing out on.

So what Exactly is Fruity Loops FL Studio?

The short version of the answer is that FL Studio is a DAW that enables you to record and edit audio, edit MIDI in a piano roll, work with patterns, arrange them into songs and mix music signals in any way you want. In other words, it is an all-purpose music studio in a box. Because FL Studio places more emphasis on MIDI and sample-based production, it’s better suited for electronic musicians.

With an extensive array of instruments and effects, FL Studio is surprisingly stable. As for the GUI, it couldn’t be simpler, clean, and functional. Because of its user-friendly GUI, Fruity Loops’ FL Studio is unfortunately and mistakenly referred to as a DAW for beginners. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just ask the professionals who use it.

Fruity Loops Fl Studio – Versatility at it’s Best

Fruity Loops FL Studio

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The true power of FL Studio lies in its versatility. Unlike other DAWs that are strong in certain areas, FL Studio can work with any genre – a true Jack of all trades. This is why Fruity Loops is very popular with DJs. The tagline might as well be, “Fruity Loops – DJ software. Unlike most Jacks who fail to master a trade, FL Studio has mastered all the genres (no pun intended – well, maybe). And this is why it is endorsed and used by top-tier DJs such as the power users listed on the Fruity Loops official site.

It is this versatility that makes FL Studio great at multitasking as well. Unlike other DAWs where you have to quit the program in order to access other audio programs, FL Studio doesn’t require you to do so. It doesn’t lock audio exclusively to your DAW but allows you to use other audio programs at the same time. Believe me, this is a feature you will really appreciate.

Fruity Loops 10 – The Game Changer

When Image-Inline released its double-digit update, it wasn’t just a matter of showing users that they were improving, they were making a statement that they are more concerned about user’s needs and meeting them. Fruity Loops’ FL Studio 10 came with many new features that made music processing so much easier and fun.

Not only did FL Studio 10 make it more affordable for those starting their musical journey to start off on a good foot, it has also afforded many the ease of use of tools they would otherwise not be able to use. The ease of use that FL Studio affords users is a big game changer when it comes to music processing. Even without much technical knowledge, you can easily find your way around this digital audio workstation. For those who have been around DAWs though, the FL Studio might seem a bit strange at first as it does not work like most DAWs do. Perhaps its uniqueness is one of the factors that add to its appeal – making it a true game-changing DAW.

Fruity Loops FL Studio – Good for Everyone, Just Like a Fruit

Whether you’re a novice or an advanced DAW user, you will definitely appreciate the work that Image -Inline have put into making Fruity Loops FL Studio. It’s one audio workstation that can suit everyone’s needs.

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