In the ever-changing and fast-growing world of digital music, it can be very difficult to know what DAW to use in your music production and what plugins will best work with your DAW and your music. Sometimes, the problem may not necessarily be about knowing which DAW or what plugins, sometimes the biggest challenge can be finding a digital audio station that can do it all. Yes, many claim to do it all (so does snake oil) but most of them fall flat on their face when it comes to putting their money where their mouth it.

Izotope is not one of the “claimers”. It does put its money where its mouth is.

Izotope – The Real Deal Music Production Suite

Let’s face it. Not everyone has the economic power to go to a studio and get your music or podcast professionally mixed or mastered to produce the crisp clean sound you are looking for. Besides, if you’re an aspiring engineer or producer, space and cash constraints will definitely limit you. That is unless you go the Izotope way.

iZotope RX Plug-in pack

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The Izotope Music Suite is the answer to all, and I mean all, your sound needs. Whether it’s mixing, mastering, or even cleaning up spoilt signals, the Izotope Music Suite can do it for you. And that very well. No snake oil here.

And the best part about the iZotope Music Suite is that you can use it as a stand-alone platform or inside your DAW of choice. However you decide to use it, it will definitely leave you happy.

The Izotope Music Suite – Follow the Way of the Masters

iZotope’s Music Production Suite gives you access to 6 industry-standard plugins that allow you to manipulate your sound in whichever way you want. Sadly though, the iZotope Spectron had to be discontinued, it made a great flanger.

  1. iZotope Ozone

Ozone is an award-winning mastering software that will give you everything you need in post-production. Whether you want to master in a different DAW as a plugin or do all your mixing and mastering in iZotope Ozone itself. The beauty of Ozone is that you can even mix and match different components to create a completely unique sound in any genre – even vintage sounds reminiscent of analog hardware.

  1. iZotope Neutron

Neutron’s edge above all other mixing tools is what iZotope like to call “intelligent mixing tools”. This engine uses AI and machine learning to give intelligent analysis and auto-mixing features that are a real time-saving help for both the newbie mixer and the super advanced. And to further prove its intelligence, iZotope’s Masking Meter displays 2 tracks and automatically detects and highlights problematic masking frequencies. Izotope then allows you to use your discretion to apply the corrective EQ in either track within a single plugin window. No need to switch between windows – now that’s intelligent.

  1. iZotope RX 6

If there is one thing frustrating in music processing, it’s listening to the final product and hearing unwanted noise – even if it’s so low you’re the only one who will notice. But then again, you do pride yourself in perfection, don’t you? This is where the RX 6 module comes in – it cleans up your signal so good it leaves it perfect. Just the way you want it.  RX 6 will erase buzz, mic bleed, clicks, hiss, and more – including your nearly indistinct breathing. RX 6 is one of the most popular plugins in post-production stables.

  1. iZotope VocalSynth

With 4 powerful vocal engines, iZotope’s VocalSynth produces sublime electronic voice textures, robotic sounds, talk-box, computerized harmony lines, and vocoder effects. The iZotope vocoder effects are a trusted standard in music and movies alike. Whatever sound effect you can conjure up in your mind, iZotope’s VocalSynth will enable you to create it fast and perfect.

  1. iZotope Nectar 2

For perfect vocals, the iZotope Nectar is what you need to produce professional vocals. With its well-known iZotope compressor effects, equalizers, pitch correction, and more, all your vocal material will be shaped perfectly for that flawless finish.

  1. iZotope Trash 2

If you’re looking to create sonic mayhem (think KoЯn, Garbage, and the like), then Trash is what you are looking for. As if the 60 onboard distortion algorithms are not enough, Trash’s Multi-band wave-shaper allows you to create your own unique distortion. Trash 2 takes mangling and distortion to a whole new and exciting level.

With Studio Engineers and Artificial Intelligence on Your Side, Perfection is the Only Way

Investing the iZotope Music suite is probably the best thing you can ever do for your music career. With iZotope, you have the skills of countless professional engineers and the technology of AI to help you mix and master your way to the top. With such backup on your side, nothing can go wrong?


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