Create Exciting & Explosive Exposure

So you’ve started your band.

You’ve worked and practiced for what seems like forever. You’ve written a few songs and even put together an album you’re proud of. You’ve even managed to create the album art  … Now what?

I mean the next step is getting it out there for people to hear it. But just handing out CD’s at your gigs isn’t going to be enough. With so much of the music industry moving to the online platform you need some way to move your music to listening sites everyone is using.

Get your music played on the most popular music listening sites

SongCast is created to give all artists the ability to upload their music to sites like Spotify and iTunes, and start to sell your music.

How does it work?

The process is simple. To start, create an account with Songcast with some simple information about you or your band. Then enter your album title (if it is an album, although you can upload only a single as an EP too) add the album art (they accept jpeg, png, and gif files). Songcast will then convert the music files into the needed formats for the various music sites.

Does it Earn?

The average earnings is $6-7 per album download and approx. $.60-.70 per song. The royalties will be deposited into your Songcast account on the 20th of each month which will be linked to your Paypal.

What About My Rights?

Fear not. Songcast is not a record label and has no interest in the rights to your music. You retain %100 control of your music always and forever.

How do I Start?