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PRS Guitars – Reviews And Comparison

Paul Reed Smith Guitars, or PRS Guitars for short, has been around since 1985 and has been in the business of manufacturing quality guitars since the beginning.PRS Guitars specializes in custom guitars, and more recently an affordable line of guitars that carry the...

Learn To Play Guitar: Our Ultimate Guide To Getting Started

Do you want to learn to play the guitar? Are you concerned that you won't have enough time? Maybe you think you're too old to learn an instrument. To be honest... Those worries are valid. Starting a new instrument or hobby can be scary. If you don't know much about...

Chapman Guitars: Is It Worth the Money?

Guitarists who are shopping for their next instrument have a lot to consider. Features, price, and of course brand are all important criteria for making a decision. Having the right instrument can make it easier to play guitar, and can encourage a person to play more...

Seagull Guitars S6 Original Review

Musicians everywhere rave about the Seagull S6 Original when they start talking about guitars, but it’s with good reason. Coming from Canada, this guitar is handmade and is extremely well-built. It is easily worth the investment you’d be making when deciding to...

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Top Best Beginner Electric Guitar of All Time

The electric guitar – it’s one of the most iconic instruments in all of rock, metal, blues, country, and more. You could say this instrument transcends genres. It’s also fair to say it transcends generations, as it is still popular over half-a-century after its...

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